Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I've been knitting.


It's different than sewing. I get to watch more TV* when I knit. As long as I stick with simple patterns and repeat them 15 times. Seriously. I've knit this hat at least that much. I kept making it too small or too big. But then I got it right.

Speaking of screw-ups. This.


Well, not that one. But the one I made before it, when I put the damn buttonhole (which was excellent, by the way) in the wrong place. I thought I was being all clever by sewing the hole before assembling the bag. And I'm sure that is a clever approach for folks intelligent enough to think through where the fucker should end up to create a properly functioning bag.

I'm seriously in love with both those fabrics. They're Denyse Schmidt for JoAnn. DS Quilts is what the bolt said. And they were half off. Score.

Hat+clutch (free Kwik Sew pattern here)=birthday present for a good friend in Butte.

:: ::

Thanksgiving leftovers have come and gone.


It's December, for fuck's sake.

We cut down a freaking adorable tree in Red Lodge. I tried to take artsy photos of the dogs in front of it. I failed.


Shitty photos always look better in black and white.


Our tree came with real pine cones.


Take that, you people-who-put-up-fake-trees-and-adorn-them-with-cinnamon-blasted-pine-cones types.

See that popcorn garland? Yeah, I sewed that shit. I feel like I need one more to have an aesthetically decorated tree (read: the bottom half has garland. The top doesn't. That's not cool.)

:: ::

I got a request to make ugly dolls. I think I succeeded.


:: ::

OK, so I feel bad that I never posted a photo of this finished pillow.

Linen pillows

*Just to clarify, to me TV means whatever DVD I pull out of our the wagon of movies, all of which I've seen at least five times. But we ain't gots no cable. Or noncable, whatever that's called.