Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A quilt finish!

Wheh! It's been a while.

Al's quilt

**JUST TO CLARIFY, this isn't my own pattern or idea. I saw something like it on Pinterest maybe ... anyway, just not claiming it.

A quilt for my brother's birthday! He's 25.


I was just terrified of sandwiching and quilting this beast, but it wasn't a big deal. I think this helped:


It's my first bed-sized quilt. I didn't get a final measurement, but it covered the top of our full-size mattress with a little drape.

Anyway ... the brother loved it! I gave it to him on his visit out here at Thanksgiving, and he used it when he crashed on our couch. Twice. We do holidays right in our family.

The specs:

Fabric is a mix of Kona solids (Orange, Jade, Earth and Daffodil) and Essex Linen (PFD and Sand).

The batting is Warm and Natural.

I used straight-line quilting, with rows an inch apart. I marked the lines with a Clover water-soluble marker, and about had a heart attack when the whole soluble thing wasn't solublizing. But it came out after a go in the washer sans soap and a tumble in the dryer sans heat.

We had fun photographing this one.



And most importantly, the brother loved it.

:: ::

On other fronts, I built a lightbox.

Light box!

Specifically to take photos of the dinos.


This one was mostly a just-to-see-how-it-works effort; now I want one big enough to accommodate sewing projects.

I made some super wonky stars.

SUPER wonky stars


More onesies


Tag blankie. It's from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing for Baby. I made it to test sewing with minky, except I cheated and sandwiched some batting in there too (for sturdiness). Finding fabric ribbon was hard! My JoAnn didn't have any. I went to Target, but all their gift-wrapping ribbon wasn't fabric. But the ribbon adorning their gift bags was, so I bought a few and appropriated the ribbon. Not too bad of a situation, because gift bags (the rad plain brown paper ones) always come in handy.

Tag blanket

Soft baby blankie. The front is a great flannel. The back is super-soft minky. I've never really sewed with either before and was nervous. The flannel was fun. The minky made me swear a lot. It's slippery, even with a walking foot. But it makes an awesome baby blanket. I sort of wish I'd used a piece of quilt batting in the middle to give this thing some weight, but I don't the the layers would have stuck together.


I made a pretty bad-ass pie.


Ran well with others.


And learned some new skills!



All in about a week and a half.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011


There's this quilt I'm working on ... and I'm not totally wild about it. About 50 percent of the time I love it, and the rest of the time I think it's awful.

I've dealt with it by avoiding it, until today. The recipient of the quilt will be here in two weeks, so it's time to get busy.

But for the last half month or so, I've done other stuff. I think I get most of my sewing done when I've avoiding some other project.

Another pair of Henry pants!

Pants the II



Cardigan from old hoodie

Finally bound these pillows. The blue one is also done, but not washed. And since they spent a month on the couch with the dogs, they need a good washing before I'll show them publicly.


Pillow back


Also, a trout.



And then two bags lined with ripstop nylon. First, an insulated bag. Or a wet bag. Whatever you need it for.

Insulated tote-wet bag

The guts are Insul-Bright. The outside is cotton ticking from JoAnn. The tutorial I used is here.

And then came the toiletries bag.

Toiletries bag

And two little bean bags/fabric weights from the snipped corners.

Pin cushions

There's also been lotso baking! This, in particular.

Apple cake

I don't think it needs frosting. But I added it here because I made this cake for work, but ate the whole top off when it came out of the oven and needed to hide that.

Chowder did a bit better at the dog park last Sunday.


And, finally, Echo came!


I went up to the sewing room at 10 a.m. to start work on the quilt I'm dreading. And I forced myself to clean up in there. When I was almost done, our mail carrier knocked on the door to drop off this wonderful package! What a reward for being all responsible and adult-ish and stuff.