Sunday, June 10, 2012

My quilt

It's been a seriously brutal last two months.

The big quilt on my bed and its owner moved out.

It sucked. No other way to put it.

The day it happened, I started cutting into my Denyse Schmidt fabric. I had a clear plan: to make a bed-size quilt for myself.

Part of the idea was to keep myself busy and to not stop doing the things I love.

It was important for me to fill the void by making something to replace that quilt and not buying something. And it feels like a new step -- to have something on the bed that was made just for me, by me, not something created with someone else's preferences in mind.

So here it is:

The front.

Wonky log cabins


The back.

Wonky log cabins

It's always windy when it's time to take quilt photos.


I started with quarter-yards of most of the fabric on the front. There were about 12 different prints.

I bought a few quarter- and half-yards for the back, and then pulled from my stash (the swans and orange). My favorite fabric in the whole thing might be that green floral in the center. The back is basically just a big log-cabin block.

The quilting is all straight-line, with some variation in horizontal and vertical.


The dogs sure seem to like it. They sleep on the bed with me, which is starting to make me rethink my preference for white and light-colored quilts. Good thing quilts are washable!



Wonky log cabins

I love it too.

Wonky log cabins