Friday, September 16, 2011

A snuggle, for beer


I promise there are two containers full of beer on my sewing table in the middle of a weekday for a good reason.


Measuring. Not drinking.


Growler coozy!

Here it is all finished



The specs are as follows:
The football-related material is from an old jersey.
The outer coozy body is from Tim's old pants.
The lining is Kona in white.
It's padded with wool batting. During its first run to the brewery, Tim filled up a growler before we had dinner, and the beer was still cold when we got home an hour later. Score 10 points for wool. The puffiness also buffers the bottle a bit, so you can set down a gallon of booze without anyone hearing it. That can come in handy.

So I guess there was no good reason the second beer bottle was there. I was just trying to consolidate, I guess.

On other fronts, the little quilt is done!


I think it will end up on one of the very blank walls in the sewing room.

As for other projects, I grabbed some stuff at JoAnn today to make pillows for our couch. Specifically, I grabbed pillows. And yellow, blue and white linen. Also, a nice little package of Christmas fabric came in the mail two days ago.


That one's for Chowder's Christmas stocking.


The green is for Tom's.


And here they both are, securing a place on the naughty list. What charmers.

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