Monday, December 23, 2013

Hoodie success!

I love this hoodie. So much. All of it. Even the parts that are a little wonky. Because I made it and ... most importantly ... wear it all the time.


It's the Sol Hoodie from Jamie Christina.

The fabric is a recycled, washable wool I got in Oregon at Rose City Textiles.

That store blew my mind. They have THISMUCH fabric. Seriously.

Rose City Textiles in PDX

And it's all outdoors/performance fabric.

Rose City Textiles

I think the wool was about $45.

I washed it on warm and dried it on low and it came out perfect. Then I got sewing.

The pattern was pretty easy to follow. The diagrams are super helpful and the writing is clear. The only thing I would have appreciated is a note about which sleeve is the left and which is the right. I didn't know that the sleeve backs typically have two notches and that's how you can tell. Google helped me through that one ... but not after I sewed the sleeve in wrong first. :)

The really awesome part about the pattern is the section about how to sew knits. There's a page with tips and techniques about which stitches work best for those of us who don't have sergers.

I experimented on my fabric with all the options and ended up using a twin sewing needle. The zig-zag on the back gave my stitches the perfect amount of stretch. I'd never even heard of that method before, but it worked SO WELL.

The construction is pretty straight-forward. First you essentially make a vest:
Becoming a jacket

Then add sleeves and a hood! I don't have a full-length mirror at home, so sorry about the work bathroom pics.

Front, sorry about the work bathroom shot

Yeah, it's the bathroom at work


Anyway, I'd totally make this pattern again, and probably will soon. I'd like to alter the hood/neckline a bit so instead of ending at the collarbone it would zip up all the way to my chin. Most of my hoodies from Patagonia or whatever are like that, and I like to have the option to hide like a turtle if needed. :)

Also, these guys:



Snow pup!

And before the snow:

On the road to Rapelje

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