Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Quilts! Finished ones!

It's been awhile!

I got a new job at work, and it's a lot busier. And since I only have computer+Internet access at work, I haven't updated this for months.

Holidays and travel (both planned and unplanned) happened, and lots of sewing.

I did little projects, which I'm just realizing now that I didn't photograph. Boo.

But I have finished TWO quilts so far this year!

Values quilt

Maybe my favorite quilt photo ever.

It's a values quilt. For Tim. Since I started quilting, he's said that his favorite kind of quilt is scrappy patchwork. So that's what I did, for his birthday.

I took ALL my scraps and cut them into 1.75-inch strips, and then sorted them into dark and light piles.

I followed the Bright Furrows quilt pattern from Modern Log Cabin Quilting , but did the chain piecing a bit differently. Instead of working through four blocks at a time with each block in a different place to facilitate randomness, I worked on six blocks at a time with each block in the same stage but used different fabric strips.

Does that make sense? No? Maybe this does:

Block construction


The finished blocks are 9 inches, and the quilt is 9 blocks by 8 blocks. It's bound with a small black dot on a white background, and backed with a sheet! It's held up very well through several washings, and the best part is that it was only $4 at Target. Boom!


Up close, you can't see the pattern at all.


First time free-motioning.



OK, one more. Of a cute helper puppy.


And then I finished another quilt! The top had been almost done for months.

Sunny quilt!

Dense quilting:

Dense quilting

So dense that I ended up cutting the quilt top down a bit. I planned on it being a wall-hanging anyway ...

Quilt = done!


And now, I'm working on my first ... paying quilt job!

Night quilting!

It's a baby quilt for someone to give as a gift!


We also moved recently, and Chowder is having a hard time with it.

And Tom is still Tom.

Tom and the whale


  1. Your log cabin quilt is just awesome!

  2. Saw your quilt picture on Pinterest and had to come check it out. It's great!

  3. Love that scrappy log cabin. Scrappy is my fav! And cute pic, btw. ;)

  4. You've just broadened the sewing techniques of someone who's been quilting for over 40 years. I've done chain type sewing on a number of quilts but never thought of doing it on a log cabin. The light bulb shineth! There' s another log cabin in my near future and I will use your stitching method.

    Also love your wind blown photo --we're having a day like that but I'm not going to try to emulate your picture.