Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A real seam ripper

@#!%&*# -- I've used all my swears on this quilt.

I'll explain why later, because I'm at work right now.

But... PHOTOS!


It's from the Block Party book! Well, sort of. I ordered the book but it hasn't arrived yet. But I couldn't wait that long to get started.

The strip off to the side is for the backing.

I have NO idea how I'll quilt it. I bought painter's tape today in anticipation of some straight-lined sumthin-sumthin.

I wish I knew how to do free-motion meandering, because that'd come in handy here. It's a skill I wish I had a lot. I've tried, but I always end up overlapping after just a few inches. Some day. But not today. That would mean more swears.

Which would be bad, because I might pull out the seam ripper again when I get home tonight.

Here's the deal: When I was piecing the last row of this guy, I thought I was short a block. But I really wasn't. Instead of a complicated explanation, I present you with this:

Oh boo

It's embarrassing to admit how long it took me to figure this out. Like overnight plus a few hours. I was almost out the door, fabric-store bound to buy more Kona Ash (the lighter grey) to fix the problem and THAT was when I realized it wasn't a problem.

So it all worked out. Except it made the darker blocks dominant. And I'm not so sure I like that.

The quilt on the left doesn't exist yet (thanks, Microsoft Paint. I swear I'm way better when Photoshop is available), but I think I like it more than the one that does.


Bring it, seam ripper.

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