Friday, July 1, 2011

New quilt, and some kitchen stuff

I did something this week. I started on a new quilt before finishing the last one.

It happened because I don't need to get the first one done before any set time. And I'm really excited about the second one. So excited I don't want to show much of it yet.

I don't name my quilts, but everything has to be called something. There was "Henry's quilt," "Mom's quilt," "bandanna quilt" and "Birthday Cake quilt" (a real, official name given by the pattern maker). This one is currently stuck with the cheesy "sunny quilt."

The reason for that will be obvious.

Love these colors

It is in NO WAY my own idea. Total rip-off of something I saw on Flickr. And since it's just for us, it doesn't matter. Plus, I came across the Ira Glass beginners pep talk and I feel like it's OK to just have good taste and copy what others create for a while.

I can be all improv and stuff with things I know. Like the baking/cooking world.

Good summer-ish produce is arriving. Not from our garden, and not from the farmers market. That starts at the END of July here. Really. In the last place we lived, at the top of the Divide, it started in May. But here, in the farm belt of Montana, it's basically August. Whatever.

But there are good, new meals to be had. I love eating something I never have before. Like these garlic sprigs.

This + two cups of Parmesan + some olive = wonderful pesto
Garlic sprigs

So good

We ate it with homemade egg noodles, and it didn't last long enough to take a photo
One of my favorite sights

Also in the kitchen, there were lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting.

Just a basic cupcake recipe with lemon juice and zest. Frosting was a tub of blueberries, minus a few for decoration, cooked down, smashed and mixed with butter and powdered sugar.
Lemon cupcakes with blueberry frosting

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