Tuesday, August 23, 2011

ZIPPER! (and the pillow it's attached to)



That's my zipper!


And there it is again, in hiding.


And that's what it's zipping up.

My first pillow!

Made with one of the log cabin blocks I didn't use in the quilt. And used here to test out quilting ideas for the larger end product.


I like the straight lines.

I debated for about an hour over whether to sew my binding to the front or back. I was nervous about hand-binding into the corduroy I used for the backing, but it went well. So well I forgot how afraid I was of it at the start and didn't take any special photos to document the result.

And here's where we're at with the baby quilt.


I cut my yard of Essex Linen in the wrong direction, so I didn't get enough out of it to finish the sashing. Good thing it's cheap and I found some more online.

I think what I ordered will come tomorrow, so I should be ready to quilt by the weekend.

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