Thursday, August 25, 2011

Zipper madness

I've been on baby quilt hiatus, waiting for more Essex Linen. It came yesterday and got washed today, so I'll be back at it tonight.

But in the lull, I had a bit of a zipper attack.

Camera case

Camera pouch!

Camera case

Whales AND pigs, together in harmony.

Camera case

Zippity zip zip zip.

And now on to other things.

It was sewing machine maintenance day today.

Sewing machine maintenance day

It happens once or twice a month. The fella gets brushed out weekly because ::damn:: there's a lot of fuzz buildup. The Bernina guy assured me it's normal when half the things you sew have batting. But still. Gez.

But once a month it needs a little more: a good oiling. The manual says to oil BEFORE (in caps, so you know they're serious) you sew to avoid oil leaking on your fabric. That seems backward to me, so I sew for about 15 minutes on muslin scraps after the oiling. I've never had oil leakage, but it gives me the opportunity to check out all my pretty stitches.

Sewing machine stitches

Thirty-seven years old and it still sews in circles (and diamonds and comma shapes) around newer machines.

::Now, jumping to another topic just because it was laundry day::

Bamboo batting -- yes it holds up well. Super well.

Bamboo batting

This quilt has been loved. Tough love. It's been camping and fishing and to parks and used as a towel after swimming. It's been swiped away by Chowder for a makeshift bed when no one was looking. Tom peed on it once.

So it's been through some stuff. And had all that stuff washed out of it with extra-hot water and harsh detergent in less-than-ideal machines. Followed through a cycle in the dryer on high heat.

Bamboo batting

It's just as quilty soft as it started out.

So it's worth it. Half-off coupons at JoAnn don't hurt either.

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