Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eat it

Right now there are no fewer than 45 ideas and plans rolling around in my head. That might sound fun, but I've got actual stuff to do, and these little schemes are distracting me. I need to just eat it and get what I need to do over with.

It's also cool enough (just barely. BARELY) to run at night, so that's eating into sewing time. But quilting's feeling shouldn't be hurt, because I love running with Tom more than all other things. Really. Everyone should get to take at least one run in their life with a dog that makes this face.

Tom eyes
He's SO happy.

So anyway. The biggest thing I'm not doing is binding this quilt. I have the binding strip half made, but I keep stalling out. I think it's because I'm intimidated by the hand-binding I have planned. Bah. Maybe I'll just machine it. Or I'll hand-bind it. And since that will take forever, what's the loss in putting it off a few more days?

I also have to sort photos from vacation and upload them to Flickr.

O! Looking at Flickr just reminded me that I have an actual quilt finish to share! A hand-bound quilt. It's wall-hanging size, but whatever. The backstory of it is here, near the end.

Please excuse the just-awful iPhone photos. I forgot to photograph this sucker until we were walking out the door to Boise. Actually walking out. Like my-real-camera-was-in-the-car-so-I-had-to-borrow-my-boyfriend's-phone degree of walking out the door.

It didn't start as a small quilt, but it ended that way after a night of me trying to quilt the damn thing and also pack for the trip to Oregon that started the next morning. A night that started at 1 a.m., when I got off work, and ended at 5 a.m. when we left for Oregon.

Things just weren't working out, and around 3 a.m. I made two decisions. One, I would make the quilt tiny and just finish the damn thing in a half-hour and two, I wouldn't try to sleep before we left. Both decisions turned out awesome, because I finished the quilting AND I ended up sleeping almost all the way to Portland. I'm awful at sitting in the car, so anytime I can sleep away a 16-hour roadtrip is a win in my book.

Anyway, this is how big it the quilt was over my dinner break the evening before we left.

Oh well.

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